Snapshots // 5

My week was very bland so I'm sharing everything that I did last weekend!

1 // On Sunday GPS (Go Passionately Serve -- a Christian college group that I'm a part of) went to Masonboro Island for a cook out! We had a big fire on the beach and huddled around cooking hotdogs on sticks and making smores. We had the entire island to ourselves which was awesome!

2 // This picture was also taken during the cook out at Masonboro Island. I can't get enough of God's marvelous sunsets! We also sang some worship songs around the fire and spent some time praying for one another. It was an all around fun and great night.

3 // I went home to Apex, NC for Friday/Saturday to see my family and best friends! We all are scattered throughout North Carolina since we all go to different colleges but it was awesome reuniting with my three closest friends at home for two days. We went to my church's pumpkin patch and spent Saturday night carving them up!

4 // Friday night was the best! We all went to the state fair in Raleigh. I haven't been in years so I forgot how crazy expensive everything is but it was still fun! I ate fried Oreo's for the first time, went on the stupidest haunted house ride, ate too much cotton candy, people watched, and rode the Ferris Wheel while fireworks were going off.

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This sums up my past week through pictures!

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