What I Wore: Thailand in America

Thailand pants are my favorite pants. I had the opportunity to go to Thailand in July, which you can read more about here. While in the beautiful country, I shopped at a few street markets and night bazaars and ended up buying four different pairs of Thai pants (I'll share my other cool pants in future outfit posts!). These pants were super cheap and only cost me about 200 baht each, which is equivalent to $6 in U.S. currency. All of the pants are pretty cheaply made and are one size fits all but they are extremely comfortable and such a statement piece. People are always commenting on my Thai pants when I wear them out in public and it's also an awesome opportunity for me to talk about Thailand when I'm asked where I bought them. Once a girl asked where I got them from and I said Thailand. She replied with, "hm I haven't heard of that store." Maps, people. Educate yourself.

I'm also wearing my adorable vintage cat necklace that my friend got me from an antique store entirely devoted to cat items!

Shirt: Target // Pants: street market in Thailand // Shoes: Target // Necklace: cats antique store

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