Snapshots // 2

1 // My friend Anna and I decided to try a homemade face mask that we saw on Pinterest. So we bought a massive papaya from Trader Joe's (have you ever seen how big those fruits are?!) and cut it open. We took out all the seeds and then put it in a blender, adding some honey as well. We left it on our faces for 20 minutes, cracking up and taking pictures the whole time, convincing ourselves that we looked like housewives with baby throw up on our cheeks. 

2 // Thursday evening I went downtown and saw a musical - Peter Pan - one of my favorites! The theatre was gorgeous and the play itself was really well done. There were some adorable little five year olds playing the parts of the Lost Boys, the singing was awesome, and the scenery and costumes were very professional-looking.

3 // I went home from college this weekend to celebrate my 21st birthday with family! We went to the Cheesecake Factory and this awkward photo was taken right after a bunch of waiters were done singing to me. I got a huge slice of reeses peanut butter chocolate cake cheesecake -- yuuum.

4 // Saturday night my two best friends and I went to a free concert featuring a local band that we like, The Love Language. It was a lot of fun and it was wonderful seeing them for a short amount of time!

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This sums up my past week through pictures and I'm linking up to "Snapshot Sunday" hosted by Jessica from Seeking Individuality.

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