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Writing... in my prayer journal again. I haven't done it in months but am trying to get back into the routine again. It's really fascinating going back and re-reading old prayers and realizing how God answered them. There are even prayers that I am still praying about months or even a year later. My prayer journal has greatly helped me realize the main things that I usually find myself praying about. It also guides me to remain focused on my conversation with the Lord instead of becoming distracted. I encourage everyone to start writing out your prayers.

Anticipating... my 21st birthday! In a little over two weeks I will be celebrating this big year and I am so pumped. It's really crazy to think that I will actually be this old. My friends want to make me their favorite drinks so that should be interesting since I've barely had any alcohol in my life before! Also planning a birthday trip to Busche Gardens with one of my best friends and I could not be more excited.

Missing... Thailand! I went for ten days this past July and it was an incredible, life-changing trip. I think about that memorable experience almost every single day and am crossing my fingers that one day I'll be able to return. Thailand was such a beautiful country filled with friendly, loving people that stole my heart.

Wearing... my newest favorite pair of shoes from Target. According to my mom, she had the same exact pair of shoes when she was my age. Still not sure what to make of this comment. Also, a friend told me her grandmother's comforter looks like my shoes. Not sure what to make of that remark, either. But I love them!

Craving... Britt's doughnuts! I went for the first time last night and oh my goodness, those were the most delicious donuts I had ever tasted. Nothing like stuffing your face with calories while walking on the boardwalk with friends.

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