Snapshots // 1

1 // The education building is by far my favorite building on campus! It is so beautiful and reminds me of the train station in Hogwarts every time I step inside. I'm so thankful to have classes in there.

2 // Decided to change up my study routine and go somewhere new! My friend Anna and I went to this nice grassy area across from the Wilmington Riverwalk and "studied" for a few hours.. (mostly just talked). Trying to enjoy as many of these beautiful hot days as I can before the weather gets cold.

3 // Went thrift shopping for the afternoon with my friend Katelyn and I don't think I've ever been so successful in one day! Usually the thrift stores in my area are either hit-or-miss but for some reason on Saturday I was hitting the jackpot. For only about $30 I was able to score some boots, 2 skirts, a necklace, sweater, dress, 3 shirts, and mason jar cup. I'll make a post significantly about my thrift stores findings later this week.

// Friday was National Talk like a Pirate Day -- yeah apparently that's a thing. So Krispy Kreme joined in on the event and offered a dozen free donuts to anyone who came in dressing and talking like a pirate. I will literally do anything for free food so I whipped together a pretty ridiculous outfit (not really shown in the photo, but my clothes made me look more like a pilgrim). Anyways, got 12 free donuts out of it so that was awesome!

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This sums up my past week through pictures and I'm linking up to "Snapshot Sunday" hosted by Jessica from Seeking Individuality.

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5 Responses to Snapshots // 1

  1. I found this post through the link-up, and I wanted to say I love that you actually dressed up like a pirate for the donuts! That is great :) That education building also looks really cool! I love finding buildings with great architecture on campus. It makes studying a little easier. Looks like a fun week. I can't wait to read more!

    1. Thanks Taylor! Yes, awesome architecture makes for an awesome study spot.

  2. Thrifting is a sport to me so when I saw this in your post I immediately followed you on GFC and blog lovin'!! I saw your comments over on my blog and decided I just had to stop by and stalk your site a little bit ;) Your comments were so sweet!!! I would love if we both followed each other, I love making new blogging friends!

    1. Hey Haley! Haha that's so funny, when I was originally writing this post I talked about how I'm awful at every sport but if thrifting was considered one I'd be amazing at it. I ended up erasing that though, but seems like now I should have kept it since I'm not the only one who thinks that!
      So glad that you enjoy my site; I'm a fan of yours as well.

  3. Thanks for linking up with me!! Omg, those thrift store finds are the best! I love thrift shopping, but sometimes it's so hard to find something good! And that education building is beautiful!


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