Thrift Store Finds (1)

Thrift shopping is a big passion of mine, something I've been doing for years now. I love the thrill of digging through so many different kinds of clothing and occasionally discovering a great find. I also absolutely love tweaking and re-styling items that I buy - mostly skirts and dresses. This usually involves cutting and sewing them to be more flattering and stylish. I hit the jack pot this week and scored all of the items below for a total of about $30. I love the thrift stores in my area!

$3 pink shirt - tag says Carolyn Taylor // $3 striped tank - tag says J. Crew

$3 blue shirt - tag says Liz Claiborne // $4 sweater - tag says J. Khakis

$3 skirt - tag says Forever 21 // $4.50 dress - tag says Red Camel

$4 skirt - tag says Jones New York (going to cut and sew this one to be shorter)

$4 boots - originally from Charlotte Russe

$2 necklace

$4 Teva's - in awesome condition!

So so happy with my thrifting findings this week. What items have you found?

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2 Responses to Thrift Store Finds (1)

  1. Definitely some great finds! Really love the necklace, the dress, sweater and forever 21 skirt! I am going to be doing a thrift store finds post soon as well because I just made a great haul from the one by my work today!

    1. Thank you! It's so exciting having successful thrifting days. I'll look out for your post!


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